What Does It Cost to Clean My Windows?

A single story home with 10 x 2 piece windows of varying sizes runs between $140-160 (as of December 2017) for our full service window cleaning (Windows cleaned in/out, cleaned screens, tracks, frames and sills). A 2 Story Home with 20 x 2 piece windows of varying sizes and 5 ladder positions runs between $210-250. Other factors affecting our estimate are the need for deep cleaning of windows, tracks and/or screens, paint on the windows, or the presence of grids or cutouts (“french”) on the windows. We do have a minimum price of $120 for our service.

Can You Give A Bid On The Phone?

Yes!  If you have a one story home with pretty much identical windows throughout your house, we can do the math for you quickly.   We can also bid a two story home with 15 windows or so fairly easily.  However, the more windows, different sizes and accessibility issues make if difficult for us to be accurate.  No problem… just have us over for a timely, free bid.

Do You Work Saturdays?

Yes!  We know its hard to get someone to stay home these days. We actually schedule work Mondays through Saturdays, from “see to can’t see” on some rare days!

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

Most of our customers have their home cleaned 1 to 2 times a year. A smaller percentage have a quarterly or every 4 months service. We can schedule service a year ahead of time if helpful. I recommend scheduling 1 to 2 months ahead of time for busy holidays (Easter, 4th of July, November/December dates) seasons. Monthly service (usually outside only or a combination of full service and exterior every other month) can keep your home maintained for any surprise.  However, being the father of 7, I support the collision of tolerance and pocketbook.  If cleaning your windows just 1 time each year fits your budget, we are happy to make it happen!

Can You Remove Paint, Stucco or Concrete?

Most of the time.  As long as the integrity of the glass has not been compromised, we can use a combination of razor blade and/or light gauge steel wool to remove the debris.  This would be considered construction cleanup and would have an additional charge.  In the case of the glass being “pitted” or damaged by the concrete (in some cases, sand blasting or welding debris), the glass can be cleaned but not restored to its original state.

Can You Remove Water Spots?

Water spotting can occur with wayward sprinklers, rain runoff, or someone (we won’t name names, but you know who you are!) hosing down the house.  Also, painters often need to power wash a house before and after painting.  Many of these situations can be remedied by our low impact spot removing techniques.  However, long exposure to sprinklers and sun can permanently damage your windows.  I recommend “bubblers” where feasible.  Ask your gardeners!

Can I email For An Appointment?

YES!  If that is convenient for you, just email me a couple of open dates/times and what you need us to do.  I’ll email right back and get you on the calendar. That’s southlandwc@gmail.com. If you haven’t already, just fill out our handy contact form:

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